Wow It's Been A While

It's been over a month since I've updated, sorry about that everyone I'm not dead.
I've just had a lot of problems going on lately. My heart rate problems have not improved
at all, my lung doctors have referred me to a cardiologist. On the upside I got another
reptile to my collection! That's four reptiles I own now! I have a corn snake (Isis), a royal
python (Pumpkin), leopard gecko (Angel) and my newest recruit a crested gecko (Talula).
But yeah sorry I've just been really unwell lately, in my wheelchair lot. And my depression
is getting really bad again too. :( Sorry

Possible PERSONAL deviantART account

What I mean by that is that I have my first account Egypt-Freak which I've had for 5 years. My Photo Account Ellodee which I've had for a month and a possibility of me having a more personal account to ramble about my two lung diseases, joint problems and my mental health issues, and rant art/writing. If I did make a personal art account on DA, would any of you add me? I know none of you barely know me, but if that is so could you comment on here? If I make it, if you give me your DA username or FA username I could find you and note you with it perhaps. DeviantART is my fave Art site to be on at the moment and I would post my journals here and on there. But I'm not sure about making it yet. We'll see. But would anyone add it?

A Much Needed Journal Update!

Wow it's been over a month since my last update!? Oh dear, silly me! I was so pleased when I logged back on here to have 8 messages from the post I left on the DA page on here I believe! It's lovely to know that even though I'm new to this site that people are willing to support me! Lovely to meet you all! Now I have a few friends I really do plan to explore this site more and join more groups that are relevant to my likings and hobbies to hopefully make more friends! I'd love to make some close friends on here I can really chat to! That would be lovely! As on DA (DeviantART) you can't really open up too much!
For those again who wish to know I am Ellodee on DeviantART
And ATouchOfAncient on FurAffinity if any of you are on there!
Hope to update this a lot more now that I'll have people that will read them!

Hello There!

Hello there! I'm GunkyLungs! But you may call me Chloe if that's easier! Just wanted to post a quick entry saying hello! I'll write a bit about me so that if new people, who aren't from other sites that I know, see my page, you'll know a bit about me! C8>

- I'm from England, born and raised there!
- I own a LOT of animals! (dog, two cats, praying mantis, leopard gecko, goldfish, corn snake and a python!)
- I have Two Lung Diseases (Which is what a lot of my journals will be about)called Bronchiectasis and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (Chronic Lung Disease), Reactive Arthritis and Anxiety.
- I'm 18!
- I studied art at school for my GCSE's (Got a grade B in that) and at college for two years after that, I came out of college with A*AA.
- I love all types of music EXCEPT from Classical, Metal, and Opera! Apart from those I listen to basically everything else!
- I've been into Egyptian Mythology and Fantasy from about 10 years of age! It was a hobby to me studying that in my own time!
- I've ridden horses since I was 3 years of age! I can ride tackless!
- I am on a lot of art sites! I am on DeviantART (Egypt-Freak), FurAffinity (EgyptFreak) and Wysp (SillyIbis)

I don't really know what else you would want to know at this stage! So yes that's all! Look forwards to hearing from you! C8>